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» New Icepets Server!
Posted by IcePets Day 24, Year 10 (12th Nov 19)
@ 10:55:10 IST


If you're seeing this, then you have arrived at the new server for We have just done a transition of all the site code, features and everything else. There are still a few issues around the site that we are working on, so if you notice anything that's wonky, please make a post in the Site Glitches forum and we'll do our best to get things fixed asap.

I just wanted to introduce myself as Ace, the new owner of Icepets. I've been getting to know the Icepet's team all week and I'm really impressed with everything they've done so far. We've had some good discussions about the direction of where they want the site to go and hopefully I can use my skills to help improve the site.

As a programmer, I'll be working on the current site to make improvements, add events and listening to your suggestions. We are also going to get that recode finished, one way or another, but my main priority is to help bring back activity, keep things alive and interesting.

I'm excited to work with the team and hopefully make some improvements to a site you all enjoy playing.

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