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    » News for 11th November 2019

» Upcoming Server Move
Posted by IcePets Day 23, Year 10 (11th Nov 19)
@ 20:33:55 IST

Happy Code MonkeyZen Code Monkey

This is an announcement to let everyone know the site will be unavailable for a brief period of time tomorrow November 12th for a server migration. The exact start time is currently unknown.

We apologise for any inconvience this may cause.

To check for updates while the site is down, don't forget you can visit our social media pages:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Discord

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» Book Order
Posted by IcePets Day 23, Year 10 (11th Nov 19)
@ 09:46:52 IST

Witches and RingsAnything You Can DoStrange Encounters of the Breakfast Kind

A few new covers can be found at the Book Store today!

Try Witches and Rings for a chilling, autumny adventure, or if you're more in the mood for some fab performing stars, Anything You Can Do might be more in your songbook. Strange Encounters of the Breakfast Kind is perfect for the small business owner wondering how others have managed to deal with haunted inns.

Spooky Story Book

You'll also find the Spooky Story Book collection from the Spooky Story Contest, with all the User-submitted entries!

All of these Books will be rewarded by the Weapons Quest. They will be requested by the Book Quest starting one week from today.

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