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Posted by IcePets Day 18, Year 10 (6th Nov 19)
@ 09:02:40 IST

Angelic Cobron PlushieBaby Cobron PlushieFairy Cobron Plushie

Sapce Cobron PlushieToon Cobron Plushie

We have some brand new User-funded Items entering the shops today! You can thank @POURRITURE for our new Angelic, Baby, Fairy, Space, and Toon Cobron Plushies, which you can find stocking in the Plushie Mania. You will also find these Plushies rewarded by Penelope, who runs our Book Quests. In one week, Samuel will start requesting them in his Plushie Quest.

Cobron AvatarTraptur AvatarWulfer Avatar

You will also find several of our Avatars have received updates to reflect our current art. To see their new look visit your Avatar Collection page and hit Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5!

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