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Posted by IcePets Day 16, Year 10 (4th Nov 19)
@ 13:28:25 IST

The rumours are true! The rainy October weather managed to catch some drafts from the peaks of Snowslide Mountains, where Snow Jar Snows are harvested. The magic crystals mixed on the air, melted in the rain, and fell all over Terrafrost. The Colours have been mixed and shaded just enough that all Basic Pet Colours have a new look!

Red WulferOrange Krittle

This affects a lot down the line, as you may imagine. Many Items around the site include the Basic Colours, from Plushies to Avatars! Updates to these Items will be rolled out gradually over time, so keep an eye out, and don't worry if you notice some Items mismatching for now.

Yellow OriGreen Cobron

If you're having trouble viewing the updated artwork try a hard refresh using Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5 on the Pet Viewing page!

Blue TridoPurple Jakrit

As always, if you wish to view old IcePets artwork you can do so at our archive; it is a wonderful place to see how IcePets has changed over the years!

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