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» Arrival at Halipar
Posted by IcePets Day 318, Year 9 (2nd Sep 19)
@ 00:34:25 IST

The Collector

"Hm, hm, hm... Oh! Excuse me! Wait -- what are you all doing here?"

It's him! The Collector! Where on Terrafrost is this? Deep in the thickets of the Halipar Jungle...

"I didn't realise I'd made everyone worried! I guess I lost track of the days. See here? There are ruins all around this place! I've come looking for rare Ancient artifacts, and I think this place was once a Zabeu settlement, abandoned long ago."

Overhead, Flying Pets whoosh by and hop between the branches of tree-loft buildings. Critters scamper between bushes and the boulders of old ruins. Oh -- and there! It's the Mateeni that stole the supplies! It's rushing off to that enclosure on the other side of the clearing.


"Not often we see a new face around here. We're so out of the way, usually it's Flying Pets who have the most ease dropping in and out. Pardon me, I should introduce myself. I'm Jacobi, and I foster lost, lonely, and wayward Companions.

"Ah, dear, I see what brings you here -- that particular Mateeni is always causing mischief! Here, allow me -- oof! There you go, here are your supplies back. I'm so sorry about that! Please, feel free to visit with the other Companions, while you're here. They are all in need of loving homes. Just have a look around my Companion Reserve at your leisure."

Beauty King

"Collector! Thank goodness we found you! I've missed you, my fabulous friend! It really is beautiful out here, isn't it? I can see why you stayed. Do you think -- do you suppose -- ? Oh, Collector, wouldn't it be lovely to move here? Artifacts for you to collect, flowers for me to fashion, it could be absolutely bedazzling!"

Confetti 1

The Search Event is over!

The Collector has stumbled upon a new zone, and loves it so much he's here to stay! His best friend, the Beauty King, is sure to join him, and after the long trek here, he's taken some time to wash up and groom himself even more fabulously than usual.

Halipar Jungle can now be accessed from the Terrafrost map! You can also click here to go there right away!

FriffyMollyBlooming MateeniWarm Mateeni

Jacobi runs the new Companion Reserve, and all existing Companion Items will now be restocking there! We're also excited to introduce an array of adorable new buddies, including Friffy and Molly funded by @Megrim, and Blooming Mateeni and Warm Mateeni funded by @Nexinhah. There are many more, so keep an eye on the enclosure!

You may also notice a mysterious critter in one of the tree trunks is now in charge of assembling your Jigsaw Puzzles.

Confetti 2

Ancient Snow JarCollector Search ParticipantDiscovery Avatar

Everyone who participated in the event will receive these tokens of thanks for your efforts:

1. Ancient Snow Jar
2. Search Event Trophy
3. "Discovery" Avatar Item

Please allow some time for prizes to be sent out; this process should begin later in the day.

Thanks everyone, we hope you had fun! Now go explore Halipar!

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