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» In the Jungle
Posted by IcePets Day 312, Year 9 (27th Aug 19)
@ 23:23:27 IST

Beauty King

Gosh, this underbrush is dense -- ack! And so many bugs! Eek, ack, get away!

Wait, what was that? Did you see that? I think a Flying Pet just swooped above the treetops. I swear, there are Flying Pets darting about all around in these trees. I wish I had wings, so I could flit through the branches rather than trudge through all these vines and thorns. Though, I can see why the Collector wanted to come here. There are so many old, crumbling ruins! Just look -- a broken pillar over there, covered in inscriptions and moss. I'm sure there must be Ancient artifacts of some kind, waiting to be found.

Keep up the brave work. It's hard tracking him through all this jungle, but my gut tells me we're on the right track. Well, that and Sally Searcher, up ahead at the front of the search party. Help her out with whatever daily tasks she asks of you, and hopefully we find the collector before August 31, 23:59:59 IcePets time.

Confetti 1

In the meantime, some new User-funded Items are entering the shops today.

Atomic Ice Cube

For the chemistry-lovers among you, the Atomic Ice Cube is just waiting to join your collection. You can pick one up at the Frozen Collectives Emporium, and in one week it will be requested by the Snowman Quest.

Steampunk RobbieBiomech Robbie

If you thought Robbie was cute, you won't want to miss out on two new modified models, Steampunk Robbie and Biomech Robbie. These mechanical buddies are stocking in the Toy Store. All three of these Items were requested by @Megrim!

If you have your own idea for an Item you absolutely must have on the site, you, too can fund an Item Bundle on the Support Page

Item Requester TrophyItem Bundle Requester Trophy

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