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» Headed to Halipar
Posted by IcePets Day 309, Year 9 (24th Aug 19)
@ 19:43:47 IST

Sally Searcher

Good news! We've found the Collector's trail! Thanks to everyone asking around, Yogi from the Post Office heard from one of his friends that her sister's roommate's cousin was the last person to turn in a Collector's Quest. The office was cluttered with ancient artifacts, and before she left, she overheard him muttering about ruins in Halipar Jungle. We think that's where he was headed!

I've made sure to clean myself up for the journey ahead, so make sure you are prepared as well!

Everyone, pack your survival gear, because we're preparing an expedition. We're following him into the thick, humid wilderness of the jungle, and with my magnifying glass we'll keep our eyes peeled for any trace of the Collector. We're going to need to cut through underbrush, camp out in the wild, and who knows what else -- starting today, the daily tasks are changing. You still have ten total to complete each day, with a reward for every five.

Search Party StampMacheteHiking Boots

Just... can someone keep an eye on the Beauty King, in the back? Make sure he doesn't get lost or fret too much with worry. I've got the lead on this -- just make sure he's okay!

We experienced some downtime yesterday, which caused some people to be unable to complete their tasks for that day, as well as their login streak. To rectify this, we are extending the event one extra day, until August 31 at 23:59:59 IcePets Time. We have also manually increased the login total for everyone who had logged in on the 22nd, but not the 23rd. Anyone who should have received a prize on the 23rd was also given a random item from the login streak prize pool.

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