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» Still No Sign
Posted by IcePets Day 306, Year 9 (21st Aug 19)
@ 20:26:10 IST

Beauty King

Beauty King here -- I wanted to check up on what you've found so far. Have you seen or heard any sign of my friend? He's really been gone a long time now. I hope he's not lost or hurt! Do you think he could be hurt? Oh dear, I'm so worried. Please keep looking. Anything, anything you can find out might help us.

Sally Searcher

The poor Beauty King is a wreck. But don't worry, you have Sally Searcher on your side, and I can find just about anything! Have you seen the size of this magnifying glass, after all?

I've got all you searchers organised with your tasks, to take some of the pressure off the Beauty King. That's at least one less thing he has to worry about. We'll figure this out together. Keep working on your assignments -- remember, there are 10 new tasks each day, and as a little token of thanks you'll be getting a reward for every five you complete.

The search will be ongoing until August 30 at 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so keep at it!

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