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» It's Getting Cold Outside...
Posted by IcePets Day 276, Year 9 (22nd Jul 19)
@ 00:09:19 IST

Frozen Snowman TearsSnowman Tanning Lotion

Brrr... is that a cold front? No, it's a cool breeze coming from the Snowman Quest.

Christmas Snow JarRainbow Xephyr Morphing Potion

Something suddenly draws you closer -- the Snowman saw what you did helping with Weapons Quest and wants some help too! And the good news is, they will be providing a few extra rewards for you helping them out.

Their Quests will now be awarding the following extras for the duration of this week:

1. 20 attempts per day instead of the usual 10.
2. More IcePoints awarded for completing the Quest.
3. Several rare Items added temporarily to the reward pool.

Don't forget to put on your winter jacket to help the Snowman out!

Chocolate Ice CubeFish Ice CubeIce Snow Jar Ice Cube

All Quest givers have shaken things up. You may notice some changes in Items being requested or rewarded; these are permanent changes. They hope this will help balance things out.

As always if you want to add any feedback on these changes please feel free to post in the Ideas & Suggestions forum!

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