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Posted by IcePets Day 235, Year 9 (11th Jun 19)
@ 07:41:31 IST

Tastes of Terrafrost: Snowslide MountainsHavoc and HarmonyThe Care and Feeding of your Companion I

If you and your Pets love to read, there are some new Books to find in Ralph's Book Shop!

In Tastes of Terrafrost: Snowslide Mountains, join famed chef Iseul Andermoors as he travels to the Snowslide Mountains to taste some of the local flavours.

Love Companions and want to know more? The Care and Feeding of your Companion I explains some of the particulars of some of the unique species.

If fiction is more your style, give Havoc and Harmony a try, where a timid Fire Trido finds a family and learns how to be himself.


In one week these Books will be requested by Penelope for the Book Quest, so pick up your copies today!

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