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» Melting Ice and Hot Items
Posted by IcePets Day 225, Year 9 (1st Jun 19)
@ 14:25:18 IST


The votes have been tallied, and it's time to announce the winners of Member of the Month (MOTM for short)! For this month's Yet to Win MOTM, everyone congratulate...


Thank you for making IcePets a better place! Here are our favourite things about jirachi100:

- jirachi100 is a really kind member and a great person to chat with around the site.
- I think jirachi100 deserves to be recognized as one of the members who has also been a great help with finding bugs in alpha!


Next up, the winner of the Free for All MOTM, please congratulate...


Thank you for your continuing contributions to our community! Here are our favourite things about RiverStarr:

- RiverStarr is a longtime member who is always there to offer advice and help when they can.
- I see RiverStarr around the site almost daily. If you need help and contact her, she is always willing to do so to the best of her ability!


Both of these fantastic members will receive 100,000 IcePoints and either the exclusive Member of the Month Avatar, or, if they already have it, the Honoured Member Trophy.

Member of the Month Avatar
Honoured Member Trophy


While member votes were tallying for MOTM, Staff votes tallied for SOTM, and this month's winner is...


To acknowledge their contributions to the team, we've created the following Item in their honour!



Decorated Graduation CapHandmade Graduation DollEnchanted Moss Shield

This June, new Items can be found in the I.C.E Shop for the duration of the month! Head on over to pick up the new Decorated Graduation Cap and Handmade Graduation Doll, as well as the returning Enchanted Moss Shield, for 500 IceCash (or 450 IceCash for Gold Members)!


Graduation CakeAcheevo

Each month there will also be two regular Items introduced into the NPC shops. For June, find a Graduation Cake in Sugar Rush, and the Acheevo as a new Companion in Dr. Samuel's Toy Shop. The Graduation Cake will begin to be requested in the Candy Quest in one week's time.


Beach Towel StampWater Fan Spray BottleBasking Cobron FigurineSummer Goodie Bag

The ice is melting around much of northern Terrafrost, and that means the Token Booth is changing stock! Head on over and pick up the new Beach Towel Stamp, Water Fan Spray Bottle, and Basking Cobron Figurine, as well as the Summer Goodie Bag containing items from previous years!

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