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» Angelic Cobron Flying In!
Posted by IcePets Day 186, Year 9 (23rd Apr 19)
@ 17:44:13 IST

Angelic Cobron

Every Terrafrostian has at least one wonderful Cobron friend in their life -- now, the Cobron community can show off their angelic side! The Angelic Cobron Morphing Potion, funded by @POURRITURE, will now be stocking in the Snow Jar Igloo. Get one for yourself or for your sweetest Cobron buddy!

Angelic Cobron Morphing Potion
If you don't want to wait to restock one, you can purchase the Morphing Potion from the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month for 500 IceCash (450 IceCash for Gold Account Users)!

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