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» Eggstra Eggs!
Posted by IcePets Day 172, Year 9 (9th Apr 19)
@ 13:53:40 IST

Frozen NoviteggEvil NoviteggFire Novitegg

The Jakrits have worked out a deal with the NPC shopkeepers and quest givers! You can now restock Noviteggs in all NPC Shops with the exceptions of Golden Touch and Snow Jar Igloo. Tackle some Quests for a chance to earn even more.

The Makoats have been pleasantly surprised at how well everyone is doing finding their stockpiles. Keep up the good work!

Halipar Jungle Novitegg Ice CubeMisty Isle Novitegg Ice Cube

Clunk clunk the sound of the Halipar Jungle Novitegg Ice Cube and Misty Isle Novitegg Ice Cube falling out of the Ice Box can be heard all across Terrafrost. Hurry over today to add these new beauties to your collection before they melt!

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