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    » News for 9th February 2019

» Crystal Corruption
Posted by IcePets Day 113, Year 9 (9th Feb 19)
@ 09:26:16 IST

Full Sharp HeartFull Soft Heart

There were some crystals hiding inside the gears of the team sorter which weren't noticed! Unfortunately, this resulted in teams being uneven. We had to get the machine up and running again which resulted in everyone being reassigned. Please check your team again!

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» It's Amourok!
Posted by IcePets Day 113, Year 9 (9th Feb 19)
@ 00:38:21 IST

Rose Banner 1

These crystals are out of control. They're absolutely everywhere. All month, they've been plaguing features and NPCs, growing off walls and windowsills, cluttering the floors and streets, and generally getting in the way of everyone and everything.

The Plushie Ridix has been trying to stock extra Plushies for the upcoming 14th, the famous day of love declarations and gifts ever since Sir Heart famously stood on the ramparts of his kingdom's castle and professed his love for Priscilla Passion. However, Plushie Mania is practically buried under crystal shards, and even the Heart Attack prizes were affected! This is supposed to be the Festival of Love! Evil Pets are known for stirring up trouble, but they've always gloated and taken the credit, and this year it's all silence from them.

Plushie Ridix

It's time to do something about this. The Plushie Ridix has put out a call to action for all Terrafrostians: get rid of those gosh darned crystals! Sweep them, bag them, bin them, whatever you have to do. They're sharp, they hurt if you step on one, and frankly, they're getting in the way of what should be a soft, huggable holiday full of soft, huggable Plushies.

Crystal Cobron

What's this? A Crystal Cobron has stepped forward to speak!

"What's wrong? Why is everybody getting upset? We wanted to make this holiday something special! Crystals are beautiful. They make a wonderful gift for your loved one. So we thought, why not give that gift to all of Terrafrost? You can find cheap Plushies left and right all year round -- what's so special about that? Give them something they can really cherish!"

Full Plushie HeartFull Crystal Heart

In the centre of Glacia beneath the Dragon Statue, the Plushie Ridix is standing to one side, and the Crystal Cobron to the other. Is love about soft, adorable shows of affection, or brilliant, expensive tokens of beauty? It's not just about Love vs Evil anymore.

The war is on. Plushie vs Crystal.

It's Amourok!

Rose Banner 2

Empty Heart Fragment 1Empty Heart Fragment 2

It's time for Love vs Evil to step aside, making way for a full-on annual "clash of the colours!" It's still the festival you know and love, but the doors have been thrown open. Two new teams are battling it out this year, and you can follow these two captains to the Amourok Event Page to sign up!

Pesky Empty Heart Fragments are now showing up in NPC Shops, Quest rewards, and Heart Attack. Combine them to form Full Soft Hearts or Full Sharp Hearts, depending on the team you get assigned. If you're lucky, you may find some Full Hearts themselves around the site.

Empty Heart Fragment 3Empty Heart Fragment 4

Rose Banner 1

You may notice the Love vs Evil Store is now known as the Amourok Shop. Mentions of Valentine's Day are now Sir Heart's Day, and your Valentine is rather your Sweetheart. A few Books and Items have been modified to fit. The "Valentines Bath Set" is now the "Sir Heart's Day Bath Set," and the "Valentines Sugar Cookie" is now the "Sweetheart Sugar Cookie."

In case you're wondering, Feb 14 is Sir Heart's Day, when Sir Heart famously asked Priscilla Passion for her hand in marriage with the whole town as witness. It's become a traditional day for declaring love for one another, and the well-known Wulfer philosopher and poet, Va Va Amour, wrote a number of pieces analysing Sir Hear's life and popularising the event.

For decades it was simply the Festival of Love, until Evil Pets started getting up to mischief and challenging Terrafrost to the classic Love vs Evil clash each year. This attracted more attention to the holiday, as those who didn't care for the pure Festival of Love now had reason to participate, and even the loneliest IcePet could find solidarity during the competition. Now, the "clash of the colours" aspect has become so associated with the festival, it's here to stay!

Don't forget to sign up on the Amourok Event Page.

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