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» Some Heartfelt Requests
Posted by IcePets Day 109, Year 9 (5th Feb 19)
@ 16:00:57 IST

To celebrate the wonderful month of February, we come to you with a whole slew of new User Requests!

Red Heart Mug DrinkPurple Heart Mug DrinkBlue Heart Mug DrinkPink Heart Mug Drink

These new Items exemplify the best qualities of February, brought to you by @IcePrincess! You can find the Red Heart Mug Drink, Purple Heart Mug Drink, Blue Heart Mug Drink, and Pink Heart Mug Drink stocking in the Food Mall and rewarded from the Book Quest. They will also be requested by the Space Quest in one week.

Sweet Candypillar Plushie

Not to be left out, the Sweet Candypillar Plushie, also funded by @IcePrincess, has brought a little bit of February flare to the line of Candypillar Plushies. This adorable fellow can be found in Plushie Mania and as a reward from the Book Quest, and will be requested by the Plushie Quest in one week.

Pear Green Tech Bow TieTech Cobron Plushie

Of course, February doesn't have to be all about the hearts and pink colours. Brought to you by @Mongolou are two new Tech Items! The Pear Green Tech Bow Tie and Tech Cobron Plushie have now appeared in stores! You can find the bow tie stocking in the Grooming Parlour, while the Plushie is now stocking in Plushie Mania. The Tech Cobron Plushie is also being rewarded by the Book Quest, and will be requested by the Plushie Quest in a week.

Crystal Ducky Figurine

Last but not least, we bring you the Crystal Ducky Figurine, funded by @Silvy! You can pick up this lovely crystal Ducky from the Toy Store, but I wouldn't recommend playing with it -- it looks very fragile!

Do you have an Item you would love to see appear on IcePets? Submit a Request here, and we can bring it to life for you!

Holiday Poetry

As one final note, the book containing the winning poems from the Holiday Poetry Contest has been released, and issued out to the winners. The Holiday Poetry book is now stocking in the Book Store and will be requested by the Book Quest in one week.

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