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» Crystal Confusion
Posted by IcePets Day 106, Year 9 (2nd Feb 19)
@ 17:43:24 IST

Plushie Mania NPC

Yikes, those crystals are everywhere. The poor Plushie Ridix can barely keep them off the shelves and floor of Plushie Mania now. What began as a mild curiosity is turning into a real nuisance, and it would seem this has become more complicated than a fun look for a few rooms.

We're not entirely sure where all these crystals came from. Sure, they're beautiful, a good sort of gift for the upcoming season of love letters and secret admirers, but this is getting ridiculous. One thing is clear: if they keep growing at their current rate, Glacia's going to be overrun -- and who knows, maybe all of the Snowslide Mountains. All we can suggest for now is to watch where you step, because those things are sharp.

Crystallised Ice Cube

Starting today, we will be introducing a stickied News thread which will house some of the smaller, non-newsworthy things going on behind the scenes at IcePets. It is available here.

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