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» Celebrating Avatars!
Posted by IcePets Day 95, Year 9 (22nd Jan 19)
@ 17:12:59 IST

Continue celebrating the new year with some brand new Avatars!

Orchestral Leader

The new Orchestral Leader Hidden Avatar is now available to find -- good luck!

Additionally, some new Custom Avatars have been created and issued to their owners.

Lemony KrittleDragon LoveSerpentGift
DabustronautLoveAll the DabuBryn's Lemon Makoat

These Avatars are now home with, in order, @mochihugs, @tstske, @Megrim, @Malithion (gifted by @Gifted), @mortiest, @haybales56, @leira (gifted by @gotchalocket), and @biomecha.

If you would like a Custom Avatar of your very own, they can be found on the User Requests page!

Confetti 1

Editor Scrapbook

A warm welcome to @Coreander who has joined the staff team as an Editor!

We are still looking to hire 1 more Editor. If you're interested in applying, submit an application on the Support Page!

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