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Posted by IcePets Day 81, Year 9 (8th Jan 19)
@ 19:36:06 IST

Blueberry Heaven BubblyLime in the BubblyOrange Zest Bubbly

In the spirit of cycles and rebirth, it's out with the old and in with the new. Say goodbye to last week's Pinata Mania consolation prizes, and from here on out you can pick up a brand new set of Items.

Don't forget, you can use a UHD from the I.C.E Shop on any feature, and it will also reduce the cooldown between pinata clicks. Happy smashing!

Unfortunate SoulFaded PlushieDisintegrating Coin

Confetti 1

Ori SoapBaby Lugra Plushie

We also have two User requests today. The fragrant Ori Soap now available from the Grooming Parlour was requested by @Megrim, and the little sea cucumber that is the Baby Lugra Plushie can be found in Plushie Mania, requested by @IcePrincess. The Plushie will be requested by the Plushie Quest in one week, and rewarded by the Book Quest immediately.

Confetti 2

Confused Code Monkey

A small bug fix has addressed a long-standing issue with the Plush-O-Matic where it had not been awarding Plushies correctly. Its results are now affected by the Pet that is chosen for scanning, though you can still receive a random Plushie by choosing to scan yourself. This change may help to alleviate the issue of some of the Quest Plushies being prohibitively expensive in the economy. Based on feedback from Users who already noticed the change, we have adjusted the percent chance of receiving a random Plushie of the same species as the scanned Pet. We are continuing to monitor the economic effects of this change and welcome any feedback.

Chocolate Pencil CrayonsColouring Book

I hope you haven't forgotten about our colouring contest. The fearsome Ori is in need of some vibrant colours. A reminder your image must be uploaded and sent to Quil by January 12th, 23:59:59 (IcePets time).

Confetti 1

In one final note, we are temporarily closing Hidden Avatar requests. You may still see a few being released in the coming weeks that were requested prior to this closing, but we will not be taking any new ones in the near future.

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