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» Holiday Gift Exchange
Posted by IcePets Day 55, Year 9 (13th Dec 18)
@ 16:57:24 IST


Oh me oh my, is it really that time of year again? Gosh, how quickly the year flew by! December is my favourite month -- everyone's generosity really shines, and I just love the holiday cheer all around! Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people happy. This year, I want to help fulfill dreams by delivering Users the Items they've been really wishing for. That's why I've set up the Gift Exchange.

Gift Wrapped Treetle Plushie

At the Gift Exchange, every User can select up to two Items to wish for. These will be displayed anonymously, and you will be able to browse the Items other Users have requested. If you have the Item in your inventory, you can select to have it sent to them, and I will deliver anonymously on your behalf!

It's all about fulfilling wishes -- just imagine the smile on that person's face! And of course, with the anonymous system, there's no obligation associated. So please, give if you are able, don't fret if you're not, and keep up the holiday spirit!

Festive Gift BoxCongratulations Gift BoxBirthday Gift Box

If you are able to help fulfill someone's wish, you will be given a shiny new trophy for your profile! Thank you for helping make someone's day special.

Additionally, the Gift Exchange will only be open until December 31, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. So be sure to grant those wishes now, while the season is here!

Holiday Gift Granter

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