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» Some NIce Cold Requests
Posted by IcePets Day 52, Year 9 (10th Dec 18)
@ 13:56:02 IST

Weather is getting colder, sleigh bells are ringing louder, and the User Requests we bring today may just reflect the holiday season!

Peppermint Candypillar PlushieSpearmint Candypillar PlushieFestive Candy Corn Candypillar Plushie

First off, we have three new Candypillar Plushies, brought to you by @IcePrincess! You can find the Peppermint Candypillar Plushie, Spearmint Candypillar Plushie, and the Festive Candy Corn Candypillar Plushie stocking in Plushie Mania starting today!

The Plushie Quest will start requesting these in one week from today, but the Book Quest will begin rewarding them immediately.

Super Ducky

Next, the Super Ducky appears! Funded by @Silvy, you can see this Item flying through the shelves of the Toy Shop, and the Space Quest will start requesting this in one week, as well.

Bizarre Original Ice CreamBizarre Minty Fresh Ice CreamBizarre Multi-flavoured Ice Cream
Bizarre Cookie Crumble Ice CreamBizarre Sugary Sweet Ice CreamBizarre Chocolate Deluxe Ice Cream

What better snack on a cold day than some... ice cream? Thanks to @mochihugs, we have just the thing! You can find the Bizarre Original Ice Cream, Bizarre Minty Fresh Ice Cream, Bizarre Multi-flavoured Ice Cream, Bizarre Cookie Crumble Ice Cream, Bizarre Sugary Sweet Ice Cream, and Bizarre Chocolate Deluxe Ice Cream will now be carried by Frozen Treats for the next time you need an icy cold... snack?

Seems like you will be getting them as rewards from the Space Quest immediately (except for the Sugary Sweet Bizarre Ice Cream), and they will be requested by the Snowman Quest in one week.

Darkness Falls...

And finally, a rather dark new Avatar, brought to you by @Cowpro! The mysterious Darkness Falls... Avatar certainly sounds a bit foreboding. Good luck figuring it out!

If you feel inspired to request a new Item of your own, they are always available on the User Requests page.

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