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» Plushie Proliferation
Posted by Megrim Day 48, Year 9 (6th Dec 18)
@ 16:45:39 IST

For a new IcePet species to really feel at home in Terrafrost, there's nothing better than an armful of Plushies for them to snuggle.

Blue Lugra PlushieGreen Lugra PlushieRed Lugra PlushieYellow Lugra Plushie

You can now find Lugra Plushies in all fifteen basic colours: Black, Blue, Bluegreen, Brown, Cottoncandy, Green, Grey, Ice, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Snowdrift, White, and Yellow.

Black Lugra PlushieIce Lugra PlushieGrey Lugra PlushiePink Lugra Plushie

All fifteen Plushies will now be stocking in the Plushie Store and will be requested by Samuel for the Plushie Quest. Sweet snuggling!

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