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Posted by mochihugs Day 36, Year 9 (24th Nov 18)
@ 18:04:38 IST

Pirate AudrilPirate Traptur

New faces? We're at sea, ya buffoon! How could there be new faces on board?

Oh, I see why yer confused. Somma the crew cleaned up a bit. Guess once ya take away all the dirt and grime, it is a bit harder ta recognize us! Them's the same old Pirate Audril and Pirate Traptur ya know and love, just with a revamped new look.

Pirate Audril Morphing PotionPirate Traptur Morphing Potion

O' course, tha Pirate Audril Morphing Potion's all newlike, and it's lookin' like we got a Pirate Traptur Morphing Potion now too. Sounds like ye can buy 'em o'er at that Token Shop place now too.

All right, enough ogling, back ta work!

If you're having trouble seeing the updated artwork, try pressing Ctrl + F5.

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