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» No Rest for the Wicked!
Posted by Quil Day 34, Year 9 (22nd Nov 18)
@ 00:05:47 IST

Pirate Ori

What're ya doin' up here gazin' about like a tourist? Whaddaya think this is, a cruise ship? Git to work! We got decks to swab, food to cook, supplies to sort, and a hun'red other things ta do. If ya wanna earn your keep on this boat, go check yer Daily Event Tasks and snap to it!

Blurry Creature

We ain't got all that far to go, so just keep at it. Though... last night, Splinter Jack sighted what mighta been the ghost ship off in the distance, an' it wasn't quite as ghostly as we thought. S'posed to be all ocean out here, but it almost looks like there's land ahead. We's changin' course to go investigate. Don' you waste time wonderin' about it though, you just keep to yer work, hear? Remember we oughta be done wit' this voyage at about 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) on November 26!

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