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» Chocolate Delights
Posted by mochihugs Day 32, Year 9 (20th Nov 18)
@ 19:03:46 IST

Many of you have been asking after the long-awaited Krittle Chocolates, and we're happy to announce they're here! Tease your tastebuds with the scrumptious Milk Chocolate Krittle, White Chocolate Krittle, and Dark Chocolate Krittle.

White Chocolate KrittleMilk Chocolate KrittleDark Chocolate Krittle

All three of these new chocolates can be found at Sugar Rush, and they'll be requested by our favourite Chocolate Traptur for the Candy Quest from now on. You can also find the Dark Chocolate Krittle in the Token Booth with the others. Enjoy!

Fairy Zabeu

The sweet scent of flowers fill the air as the lovely Fairy Zabeu descends from the skies, glittery wings glimmering in the late autumn sun! This elegant little friend was created thanks to @CoastPony!

Like other Zabeu colours, the only way to find on this new Pet is to get yourself a Fairy Snow Jar, which can always be found stocking at the Snow Jar Igloo. If you simply can't wait, the Fairy Snow Jar will stock at the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month for 1,000 IceCash (900 IceCash for Gold Account Members!).

As always, if you want to fund a Pet of your own to add to the site, you can do so through the Support Page.

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