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Posted by Silvy Day 28, Year 9 (16th Nov 18)
@ 12:51:30 IST

Pirate Novyn

Ahoy, ye Terrafrostians! Name's Cap'n Salt-Eye, here. Ye may have noticed the docks a been bustlin' with Pirate Pets. We're preppin' supplies fer an adventure southward, and we need all the hands we can git! Experience don't matter, just guts. Things could get rough, and I need a crew I can count on!

Barrel of Unknown LiquidCompass To Your Whims

Dunno if ye've heard the tale, but a ship went missin' southward sommat hundred years ago or so. Big crew, beauty of a ship, all just vanished into the wide south ocean, never to be 'eard of again. Now, sailors been spottin' shadows on the horizon, dark ships in the dead of night, all that sorta spooky stuff, and I intend to right find out what's goin' on fer sure. You 'eard me -- we're lookin' for a ghost ship! It'll be a hard few weeks o' sailin' -- the work ain't pretty, and if we run in'a ghost pirates, ya might be in fer a fight. Think yer up for it?

Pirate Snow Jar

I'll be needin' Pirate Pets for the journey, so if ya ain't got any, see my First Mate "Splinter" Jack an' he can get ya sorted. Head on down to the docks to add yer name to our roster, over on the Sign Up Page.

We 'spect this here voyage to last til abou' 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) on November 26, so git o'er there an' help out!

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