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» User-Voted Books
Posted by Quil Day 19, Year 9 (7th Nov 18)
@ 20:45:31 IST

You voted, and we wrote! During the Questing Contest, members submitted suggestions for Books and then voted for their favourites. Penelope and Ralph worked together behind the scenes to bind and print the full set, and are proud to stock them on their shelves. They are all available from Ralph at the Book Store and will be requested by Penelope for the Book Quest.

Memoirs Vol 1Memoirs Vol 2Memoirs Vol 3

Find out the origins of all six current Quest Giver NPCs with the full set of biographies, Memoirs Vol 1, Memoirs Vol 2, and Memoirs Vol 3.

Unsigned Letter

If you've been feeling down, struggling with mental health, or generally feeling badly about yourself, someone left an Unsigned Letter with encouragement just for you.

The Locksmith's Legacy

If you've been wondering what on Terrafrost the Strange Key and Mysterious Victorian Key are all about, you might be interested in the secrets of The Locksmith's Legacy.

Audri and Novyl

The term "fairy tale" may conjure images of perfect worlds and happy endings, but the original tales are far darker. The story of Audri and Novyl is not for the faint of heart.

Freezable Item Guide

Lastly, Freezable Item Guide will be handy for anyone interested in utilizing the Ice Box to freeze Items.

Huge thanks to all the members who voted, and congratulations to the winning ideas! We loved so many of the suggestions, it would have been impossible to choose ourselves, and there were many fantastic near-winners that sadly didn't make the cut. Who knows, maybe there will be more opportunities for them in the future! Enjoy the reads!

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