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Posted by Quil Day 356, Year 8 (10th Oct 18)
@ 11:43:46 IST

Nightmare Coin

As more Pets around Terrafrost don their Halloween Colours, we want to see some of your interpretations of these spooky, spectral incarnations! Can you imagine an amorphous, gelatinous creature that would haunt someone's nightmares? Show us! It's time for a Spooky Colouring Contest!

Painters PalettePartially Drawn Paintbrush

On the Contests Page, you can find the Blob's base, ready for your colourful machinations. Take this image and transform it into the spookiest nightmare you can dream up! The rules are as follows:

Rule 1 - One entry per user.
Rule 2 - Work must be entirely your own.
Rule 3 - You should not show anyone else your entry; it is to remain anonymous before and during voting.
Rule 4 - Art must be kept PG-13. For example: Your entry can depict blood but it may not show limbs chopped off and dripping blood.
Rule 5 - The base must be recognizable in the end. You can edit it to look more scary but the image should not have so much added to it or removed that we cannot recognize the original.

If you're unsure whether something is suitable, please submit a Support Ticket.

Send your coloured creations to Quil when they are complete!

You have until October 24th 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) to submit your artwork. Everyone who enters will receive a small prize, and users will vote for the winners. The top three will receive additional prizes. So let out that creative spirit, and let's get things spooky in here!

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