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    » News for 31st August 2018

» Main Questing Goal Achieved!
Posted by Read Day 316, Year 8 (31st Aug 18)
@ 07:14:22 IST

Phew! Thanks to everyone's hard work, the NPCs around Terrafrost are well-stocked for the approaching fall season. The Weapons Trido and his companions are putting the final touches on their special reward... But who's this, now?


A Dreamworld Makoat approaches and sweeps into a bow. "Wonderful day, Terrafrostians. Such a pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Penelope, and my dear friends have been so kind as to help build the signs and banners for me." She gestures at the back rooms of the Battle Shop, from which the Weapons Trido emerges bearing a link!

"I love Books," Penelope continues. "I love curling up with them at night, or on a rainy day, or outside on the grass in the sun. There's never a bad time to read a Book. They always relax me, whisk me away to another world. I want to share that experience with everyone, how a good Book can let you drift away from your worries. My little collection grew too big to keep in my parlour, so I'm setting up space for a brand new Book Quest!"

Like Binary StarsThe Incandescent ButterflySamuels Toy Store at Night

She picks up a stack of Books almost taller than herself. "I'm moving in right away, and it's my dream -- hehe, dream, get it? -- to set up a cosy, relaxing space for Pets of all shapes and sizes to come read, nap, and get away from the world for a while. Bring me Books to place on the shelves, and as a token of my thanks, I'll send you home with a little something to help you relax and fall asleep at night." Penelope hefts her stack of Books and toddles off, pausing to wave you after her. The Weapons Trido carries a big, painted sign over his head that says Book Quest and is covered in Dreamworld clouds and swirls. The Grooming Stylist pushes a trolley with two empty bookshelves, and the Baby Traptur hauls a bag of pillows and Plushies. Everything is just about set up!

Thanksgiving on MeteoraAll About FernsBook of Gems

Penelope's new Book Quest can be found next to the others on the Arcade Page.

Of course, this also means that the Prize Goal of 10,000 Quests has also been hit! Trumpets and fanfares all around! As outlined on the Contests Page, the prizes have been divided into three tiers. The number of Quests you completed relative to the other participants determines your tier.

Top Tier
Gold Questing Contest 2018 Trophy
200 Quest Points
2 random (unread) Books added to your Pet with the most unique Books read
Additional Pet Slot unlocked

Middle Tier
Silver Questing Contest 2018 Trophy
100 Quest Points
1 random (unread) Book added to your Pet with the most unique Books read

Bottom Tier
Bronze Questing Contest 2018 Trophy
50 Quest Points
1 random (unread) Book added to your Pet with the most unique Books read

Book of TravelThe Secret of the RainbowHistory Textbook

Don't give up Questing yet, however! There are still many prizes to be won. Keep pushing for that 12,000 goal to unlock the first Stretch Goal, as outlined on the Contests Page. And who knows, maybe our hosts have prepared even more surprises, if we keep it up!

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