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Posted by Nexinhah Day 312, Year 8 (27th Aug 18)
@ 16:08:05 IST

Cube CollectorStats

Two more Hidden Avatars have received makeovers today! Check out the newly revamped looks for Cube Collector and Stats! If you don't already have them, good luck hunting.

Possire Sweetheart Traptur Plushie

Our very own @mochihugs has funded a few new Items! The seemingly alive Possire might show up in the Toys Shop. The super special Sweetheart Traptur Plushie was funded as a gift for @Nati! You can find this adorable Plushie stocking in Plushie Mania and requested in the Plushie Quest.

Item RequesterHidden Avatar Requester

Don't forget you can request some ideas of your very own over on the Support Page!

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