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» Surprise Spirits!
Posted by Read Day 292, Year 8 (7th Aug 18)
@ 16:32:10 IST

There's a whole host of new spirits to be discovered today!

Hornet Spirit Harmonica Anteater Spirit Accordion Boar Spirit Bagpipes

A new line of spirit instruments have made their way into Samuel's Toy Shop. They are the Hornet Spirit Harmonica, Anteater Spirit Accordion, Boar Spirit Bagpipes, Echidna Spirit Ektara, and the Gorilla Spirit Gong.

Echidna Spirit Ektara Gorilla Spirit Gong

All of these new Items were requested by our very own @Cowpro! You can also find these being requested by the Space Quest.

Item Requester TrophyItem Bundle Requester TrophyHidden Avatar Requester Trophy

If you have an Item, Item Bundle, or something else you would like to see on IcePets, check out our Requests page for more information. You can even get a sparkly trophy out of it.

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