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» Final Stretch
Posted by Judda Day 246, Year 8 (22nd Jun 18)
@ 18:49:34 IST

Great work so far to all the teams! There has been an astounding number of restocks, and we love the team spirit! Get ready for the final stretch -- the contest will end next week, so if you have yet to jump into the fray, now's your chance.

Everyone has until 23:59 IcePets Time on Tuesday, June 26th to participate and collect those last extra points for your team. After that, it's time to unveil the prizes!

This year, we are introducing a new system: Team Contest Credits.

One of the Terrafrostians over on the sidelines has been cheering all the teams on so much, they want to take it up a notch and really get into the team spirit. At the end of this contest, this fantastic fan will be opening a new Credit Store with all the Team Items -- and a few new ones, too! To celebrate the victors, there will also be special winner's team Items that can only be purchased with special Team Contest Winner Credits. These include exclusive collectibles and an extra special something-something.

The winning team will be awarded Winner Credits as well as Team Contest Credits. Everyone participating will be awarded Team Contest Credits, primarily for your own team's Items, with some bonus Credits for a few of the other team's Items! How well your team ranks will determine how many Credits you will be awarded. You can also expect your team's Profile Skin Item and some other goodies!

Finally, to reward the fiercest restockers among you, the top three restockers of the contest will receive the Golden Competitor Stamp, and the top restocker of each team will receive bonus Winner Credits. If that doesn't light a fire under you, I don't know what will! Get out there and get restocking for the mad dash to the finish line!

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