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Posted by Judda Day 236, Year 8 (12th Jun 18)
@ 19:34:24 IST

Did you think we were going to give you a break to catch up on all the new Hidden Avatars? Not a chance! Please allow us to introduce three new Hidden Avatars to puzzle over!

Happy Hour Small Change

Two more were funded by @Cowpro, good luck figuring them out! They are Happy Hour and Small Change.

Quest Book Madness

Finally, there is something to do with those Quest Books! Funded by @Histayra, see what you can come up with for Quest Book Madness! If you have a sharp eye, you may have noticed some new art on the this new Hidden Avatar. That's because our Quest Books have received a revamp!

Plushie Quest Request ListSnowman Quest Request ListSpace Quest Request ListWeapon Quest Request List

The following Books have been revamped:
Candy Quest Prize List, Candy Quest Request List, Plushie Quest Prize List, Plushie Quest Request List, Snowman Quest Prize List, Snowman Quest Request List, Space Quest Prize List, Space Quest Request List, Weapon Quest Prize List, Weapon Quest Request List.

Candy Quest Prize ListPlushie Quest Prize ListSnowman Quest Prize ListSpace Quest Prize List

If you're interested in requesting your own Hidden Avatar, Custom Avatar, Item, or even Pet you can visit Requests Page for more information!

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