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    » News for 15th May 2018

» Snowda Party!
Posted by Read Day 208, Year 8 (15th May 18)
@ 17:19:59 IST

We have been hard at work revamping old content, and this batch of new artwork is the good old Snow Soda! Now officially owned and branded by Snowda of Terrafrost, it's the same great taste with a snazzy new look! Just the thing to cool off as the weather gets hot and sunny.

Blueberry Snow SodaCherry Snow SodaGrape Snow SodaKiwi Snow Soda
Lemon Snow SodaMystery Snow SodaOrange Snow SodaUnflavoured Snow Soda

It still comes in the same eight familiar flavours, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Kiwi, Lemon, Mystery, Orange, and Unflavoured...

Liquorice Snow SodaRaspberry Snow Soda

Plus two new additions! The Liquorice Snow Soda and the Raspberry Snow Soda are joining their friends in Frozen Treats, and are now also requested by the Snowman Quest.

Snow Soda Party

To go with the new artwork, we also have a new Hidden Avatar, requested by @Chien_chien! Crack open a few cans and celebrate with the Snow Soda Party Hidden Avatar! Have fun!

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