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Posted by Quil Day 203, Year 8 (10th May 18)
@ 14:24:21 IST

Introducing another round of user-requested Items today!

Cat Spirit Cello

Underneath the melody of the Fox Spirit Flute and Owl Spirit Ocarina, you might hear some deeper notes balancing the harmonies. The new Cat Spirit Cello requested by @Read is now stocking in the Toy Store and will be requested by the Space Quest.

Colourful Makoat SweaterWarm Makoat SweaterCool Makoat Sweater

If spring is still a little chilly where you are, make sure to keep your Makoat friends warm with the fashionable new Colourful Makoat Sweater, Warm Makoat Sweater, and Cool Makoat Sweater, now stocking in the Grooming Parlour. These wooly delights were requested by @Nexinhah, of course!

Puzzle Perfectionist

@Cowpro is really keeping us on our toes this spring! There is yet another new Hidden Avatar to puzzle out -- Puzzle Perfectionist!

Jealous of all these great user-requested Items? You, too, can fund an Item, Bundle, or Hidden Avatar over at our Requests Page!

Item Requester Trophy

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