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Posted by Judda Day 120, Year 8 (16th Feb 18)
@ 19:01:40 IST

As you hurry along the cold February streets, you hear arguing up ahead. You round a corner and find Elliot, leader of the Love Pets, and Sylvia, leader of the Evil Pets, throwing insults at each other.

"You Evil Pets are such a plague on Terrafrost!" Elliot shouts. "After this year, we'll be rid of you once and for all!"

"You're crazy!" Sylvia replies. "You want to force everyone to be cheerful and falling all over each other? I'm just giving Terrafrost a little more diversity!"

"You mean by making people miserable? By turning candy bitter and tearing plushies into fluff? We're better off without you!"

You try to sidle away, but it's too late. They both turn to you. "My machine needs more power!" Elliot says.

"What machine?" asks Sylvia. "What are you talking about? This has always been a friendly competition between the teams."

"That's right," Elliot answers. "And we're sick of you winning and ruining our Festival of Love!"

Sylvia glances at you. "I don't like the sound of this. My team is going to work harder than ever before!"


The Love vs Evil event is in full swing! Elliot's machine is half-way finished. What will it do?! Help him power it, or help disrupt his plot, by collecting even more Empty Heart Fragments and Full Pure and Corrupted Hearts. Don't forget you can also turn in Love and Evil Morphing Potions and Snow Jars, and all of your points can be spent at the Love vs Evil Store. Save some points though, there might be some new Items in the store after the competition is over!

The Love Team has been in the lead so far! You can check on the state of things in the War Room found above the Main Shops. The event concludes on February 21st so gather as many points as you can. Good luck!


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