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» Heart Attack!
Posted by Megrim Day 111, Year 8 (7th Feb 18)
@ 13:03:25 IST

Love Audril


Is it really that time of year again? I smell love and chocolate in the air! And perhaps a hint of evil...

Full Pure HeartFull Corrupted Heart

Grab your loved one's hand and run on over to Heart Attack fast as you can, 'cause it's time to win each other some Plushies! There will be a new game every 30 minutes, and it will last until a lucky player finds one of the four new Plushie Items hidden in one of the hearts!

Love Krittle PlushLove Dovu PlushEvil Sharshel PlushEvil Zabeu Plush

If luck is against you, don't worry -- Heart Attack will be open until February 21st. And don't forget, you can use a UHD from the I.C.E. Shop to half your wait time between breaking those hearts!

Love LetterEvil Letter

Lastly, if you've been wondering about the elusive Love Letter and Evil Letter, you'll finally get your chance to send some to those you love (and... those you don't love quite so much). For the duration of this event, these sneaky letters will be restocking in most NPC Shops and given occasionally as Quest Rewards. So get out there and break some hearts!

Love Wulfer

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