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    » News for 8th Jan 2018

» Xephyr Revamp!
Posted by Judda Day 81, Year 8 (8th Jan 18)
@ 19:33:55 IST

There seem to be more Xephyrs on the streets today, and they are all proudly strutting to show off their new look!

Old Snowdrift XephyrSnowdrift Xephyr
Ctrl+F5 if you can't see the updated images!

All non-pose changing colours of the Xephyr have been subject to a minor revamp! This means that we had the opportunity to add its missing colours!

Bluegreen XephyrPink Xephyr

As a result, you can now find our adorable friends in Black, Bluegreen, Cottoncandy, Ice and Pink.

Red Xephyr Morphing PotionIce Xephyr Morphing PotionPurple Xephyr Morphing Potion

Both old and new Morphing Potions can be found stocking in the Golden Touch, including the Bluegreen Morphing Potion.

So... what are you waiting for? Give your pet the opportunity to show off the new look! Or maybe you prefer a mystery...

Party Guitar Case

If you haven't noticed, the Party Guitar Case is now openable! What wonders does it hold?

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