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Posted by psyqualia Day 211, Year 7 (18th May 17)
@ 22:02:02 IST

Thoroughly pleased with their new hoard of books, the Red Dovu from last week is ready to distribute prizes!

All About Boats

The User who sent in the most All About Boats is @JaniceRuth ! Thank you for feeding this Dovu’s boat obsession. Please send your book choice to @psyqualia, so we can get it to you right away. To everyone who participated, you will be receiving your random Morphing Potion by the end of the night.

Now… We seem to have a new Pet in need of some help!

Yellow Sharshel

Our friend here is asking for something a little different for this Mini Contest. She would like for you to complete as many Quests as possible before May 23rd 23:59:59. As far as rules go… there are no rules! Just complete as many Quests as you can. This Yellow Sharshel just really loves to see people succeed.

Flex those questing muscles!

For this Mini Contest, the prize for most completed Quests will be an Item of the User’s choice from the Quest Store. For everyone who participates, you will receive a random Item from the Quest Store’s very lovely stock. Good luck!

As a reminder: If you participated in the last Mini Contest, you are welcome to participate in this one as well! If you came in first in the last Mini Contest, you cannot win first again in this one. However! You are allowed to participate.

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