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» Love vs Evil
Posted by Judda Day 114, Year 7 (10th Feb 17)
@ 21:38:57 IST

Valentines Banner 1

Empty Heart Fragment 1

It's another chilly day in Glacia, but one that could be considered quite warm for the area. The market streets are bustling and, as usual, the Dragon Statue is abuzz with daily visitors new to the area, and those looking for a little guidance. A passing Traptur catches your eye, as does the basket he holds in his claws. The basket is filled with pale, grey fragments.

What could they possibly be for? Now that you look around, there are a lot of Pets carrying these curious gems with them.

Love DabuEvil Dabu

A Love Dabu appears in front of the Traptur in a pink cloud of smoke.

An Evil Dabu appears as well in a thick, red smog.

Both of them bicker and fight over the fragments, which the Traptur drops as they flee from the commotion. Each Dabu picks up one of the gems, and then their attention turns to you...

Valentines Banner 2

Full Pure HeartFull Corrupted Heart

The Love vs Evil Event is underway!

Ameil and Akio are a duo of Love and Evil Dabus who each have very different plans for the Festival of Love this year.

While Ameil, the Love Dabu, wants to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, Akio, the Evil Dabu, wants to see Pets cause trouble and be mischievous!

Most Shop Keepers and Quest Givers have started to notice strange Empty Heart Fragments and are including them in their stocks and list of rewards.

Ameil and Akio have the powers to turn these fragments into something new. They need the powers granted to them from the Full Pure and Full Corrupted Hearts they create to fuel their rivalry, and the duo has taken it upon themselves to recruit as many Pets as they can for this contest of theirs. One must prevail! Ameil and Akio urge you to visit the Love vs. Evil Event Page for more information on how you can help them!

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