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    » News for 10th January 2017

» Whack a Wulfer!
Posted by Read Day 83, Year 7 (10th Jan 17)
@ 19:55:16 IST

Did you know? Pinata Wulfers have a huge sweet tooth! They love peanut butter, especially when it comes in a baked good. Don't let them eat too many sweets; this colour is more likely to get a stomach ache.

Pinata Wulfer


After seeing how happy the Party Trido was, the Pinata Wulfer couldn't wait to show off to the rest of the Pinata Pets. This little bundle of energy can't wait to help you out, be it smashing pinatas or eating any leftover candy. Are you willing to take this sweets-loving Pet into your home?

Pinata Wulfer Morphing Potion
I heard it tastes like sugar!

You can find the Pinata Wulfer Morphing Potion stocking at the Snow Jar Igloo. In case you get too caught up with smashing pinatas, visit the I.C.E Shop. The Pinata Wulfer Morphing Potion will be stocking for 500 IceCash (450 IceCash for Gold Account Members), until the end of this month!

Rainbow Xephyr Pinata 2017

A reminder for those of you participating in our Colouring Contest, get your entries sent to @Judda by January 12th 23:59:59. After that, we will begin voting to see who wins!

You can find more information on our Colouring Contest by viewing the announcement Forum Post or the Contest Page!

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