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» We need more dailies!

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    4th of Jan '11 @ 4:42 AM

Don't we guys? I would like to earn more icepoints smile_happy.gif

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    13th of Jan '11 @ 3:58 AM

I agree. I'm having trouble earning IP since there isn't many dailies. smile_wink.gif It's very hard to earn money compare to other sites.

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    13th of Jan '11 @ 5:39 PM

how about a sort of once-a-day snow jar slot machine? the icons are jars, and if you get 3 of the same you win that jar. you would have to keep the odds pretty low though, otherwise the jars would de-value smile_happy.gif

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    16th of Jan '11 @ 10:54 AM

Since this thread is already here, feel free to continue the discussion and suggestions; but in the future please remember to post all suggestions in the Ideas & Suggestions forum. Thank you!

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