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» Road trips.

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    18th of Aug '10 @ 11:51 PM

Ever been on a random road trip?
I've been on a couple in the past 2 months..

I randomly went with 3 other mates on a 6 hour journey to Auckland. (New Zealand)
We left at about midnight and ended up staying there for a week doing a lot of sight seeing.
My favourite part was defo Rainbows End, which was the first theme park I'd ever been too.
I loved the rides until I had some kind of seizure and was carried off.. o.O;
It was werid.. Because my brain made up a story of what happened... But it didn't actually happen... My boyfriend was freaking out, nothing like that had ever happened to me before, haha.
FAIL. So I missed out on the roller-coaster. T.T

I went to Taupo 2 days ago.. Randomly my boyfriend was like we should drive somewhere.. And I was like "TAUPO!" and 4 hours later (after he had finished work) we were off, haha.
We went to Huka Falls. (Google it!) And a few other places. I have a bach there, so it wasn't really anything new to me, but it was to him. We enjoyed it and plan to go again in a few weeks. :3

Ever just got in the car and gone for a random road trip?

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    19th of Aug '10 @ 12:54 AM

My parents used to take us on random road trips when we were kids. During summer break, we'd generally go camping. We would have some idea what direction we were going, and maps so that we knew what was around...but generally, we didn't know we were going somewhere until we got there. They were usually a lot of fun.

Now, I don't go anywhere, unless I've made a plan to. Sometimes the plans are last minute, but I always know, before I go, where I'm long it'll take, and when I'll be home.

Not sure if it counts, but I'm going to be taking a driving trip to Boston this weekend with work. Should be interesting. 4 clients, 1 other staff and myself, and 3 states... smile_happy.gif

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