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Posts: 35
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    8th of Jan '21 @ 8:59 AM

Aurestal Microbe Plush Peppermint Microbe Plush

Say hello to the new Aurestal Microbe Plush and Peppermint Microbe Plush! While Aurestal may have come to an end, the spirit of the season lives on year-round in this charming duo. These additions were funded by @Mongolou, and they're both eager to join your plushie collections.They can be purchased from the Plushie Palace today or you may be lucky and get one as a reward from the Book Quest. If you enjoy questing be sure to grab some extra since in one week the Plushie Quest will be asking for them too.


5451.png Treasure Hunter Plush Double Barrel Party Popper
Cracked Ice Cube Potted Cheesecake

As Pinata Mania goes on, the old consolation prizes have been phased out and replaced with new ones. As you bash away at the pinatas, keep an eye out for these cool Items!

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    8th of Jan '21 @ 9:02 AM

Big fan of those new microbe plushies, amazing smile_grin.gif

Please call me El! They/them. Thank you!

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Posts: 174
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    8th of Jan '21 @ 9:12 AM

Thank you @Mongolou!

i see a new cube I need D:


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Posts: 5191
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    8th of Jan '21 @ 9:14 AM

@Mongolou Thanks for requesting these gorgeous beauties.

New consolation prizes! Woohoo!

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" - Unknown

Buying your Christmas Ridix Plush. Message me!

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    8th of Jan '21 @ 10:40 AM

Love the new Microbe plushies @Mongolou. Thanks for funding. And the new conslolation prizes are great

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Posts: 54
Avatars: 14/220

    8th of Jan '21 @ 11:19 AM

Those plushies are soooo CUTE!! I wanna get my hands on them!smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 7183
Avatars: 159/220

    8th of Jan '21 @ 3:44 PM

Those new consolation prizes, I neeeeeed them!

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