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» Making IP after you're tapped out of Games!

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    8th of Nov '10 @ 8:48 PM

I know this isn't really a necessity given the amount of people that play so far, but I was curious what the long term goals are for the IP economy. You know, fun stuff to dump your money in like the stock market from Neopets.

It just seems like after you've played your 4/4 on the mini games, you've got quests and then you're tapped out of fun haha. Sorry I can't help but think long term, I'm one of those money hoarding kind of players, like to amass currency and then have contests and stuff smile_grin.gif

A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it.

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    10th of Nov '10 @ 3:48 AM

Right now we're focusing on the battle system. Long term, there is a never ending list of new things to develop for IcePets.

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