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» Firebreathing Name Change

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Choose your preferred name:
Fire  57% 17 votes
Firey  3% 1 vote
Flaming  13% 4 votes
Flame  27% 8 votes


Posts: 181
Avatars: 78/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 4:11 PM Hasnt voted yet!

This poll is regarding renaming the Firebreathing colour on site. It can be found as a Pet colour, and on the corresponding Morphing Potions and Plushies.

We are not planning on changing the art or theme of Firebreathing, however we would like to move away from the compound word name, specifically.

Thus we are seeking your opinion, as a community.


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Posts: 72
Avatars: 177/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 4:37 PM Voted for Fire

voted my opinion..


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Posts: 69
Avatars: 96/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 4:39 PM Voted for Fire

Stylistically I like "Flame", but using "Fire" could open up opportunities for other elemental colors (Water, Earth, Air, etc)! So "Fire" it is. smile_cool.gif

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Posts: 274
Avatars: 105/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 4:43 PM Voted for Fire

Definitely Fire!

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Posts: 493
Avatars: 121/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 4:51 PM Voted for Fire

I agree with @totakeke where I like Flame the best but I think "Fire" would be the best fit so I voted for that also smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 228
Avatars: 120/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 4:59 PM Voted for Flaming

@totakeke Nice idea!

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Posts: 69
Avatars: 96/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 5:01 PM Voted for Fire

@Tetsam Thanks!! I'm getting hyped up just thinking about a Water color. *o*

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Posts: 7010
Avatars: 153/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 5:04 PM Voted for Fire

I'm wondering what was wrong with the namings before. What's up with the change from Bluegreen/Firebreathing?

I think I like Flame, but I'll go with Fire since we already have Ice as a colour and they'll fit together and work with a future potential Water, Wind, etc.

Edit: Nevermind! I saw Quil's post on the news with the insight to the name change.

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Posts: 4897
Avatars: 202/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 5:08 PM Voted for Fire

Well really, I'd love to see the name stick as firebreathing but since a change is coming regardless, I am going to go with fire. It's way more pleasing than the other ones and like others have pointed out, it opens up new possibilities for other colours.

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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Posts: 28
Avatars: 21/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 5:10 PM Voted for Fire

Tough choice. I like Flame best, but I do see the point in having a word matching with other colours (we have Storm, not Storming, too). So yep, Fire is it! :3

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Posts: 492
Avatars: 40/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 5:38 PM Voted for Fire

As much as I love the sound of “Flaming”, I agree with Read and totakeke that “Fire” could open up opportunity to make other elemental colors!

~ Call me Frossy ~

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Posts: 295
Avatars: 124/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 6:59 PM Voted for Fire

I thought Fire-Breathing was a color?

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Head Moderator

Posts: 891
Avatars: 115/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 8:32 PM Voted for Flame

I like the elements concept, but am going to pick Flame! Similar reason (since my original vote would have been Flaming). I could see Flame, Ice, Earthen, etc with names similar to the elements but with a bit more of a twist on them.

Clever thinking totakeke!

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Posts: 124
Avatars: 65/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 10:29 PM Voted for Flame

"Flame" still fits the elemental theming and sounds much nicer than "Fire"... it's a shame people think it sounds odd, because I think the only reason that "Fire" sounds more correct in peoples minds is because it's been popularized by other things such as Pokemon.

When I was younger I had a game "Spyro: Season of Ice", which was a counterpart to another game "Spyro: Season of Flame". I didn't think that the word "flame" there felt any more incorrect than the word "fire" would have been, and I feel the same for how it will be on IcePets.

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Posts: 157
Avatars: 122/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 10:33 PM Voted for Fire

I like "Fire" so it matches, or rather, contrasts nicely to "Ice"

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Posts: 865
Avatars: 92/219

    30th of Jan '19 @ 10:55 PM Voted for Fire

really happy that y'all are deciding to move away from the compound words. i've always really disliked how they've looked

i agree that fire goes well with our existing ice : )

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    30th of Jan '19 @ 11:48 PM Voted for Fire

I like the idea of moving away from compound names. As much as I like 'Flaming,' like some others have said, simply 'Fire' leaves room for other elemental-inspired colors smile_happy.gif

(Also, I thought it was fiery and not firey?)

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Posts: 97
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Posts: 155
Avatars: 88/219

    31st of Jan '19 @ 1:45 AM Voted for Flame

I'm quiet pleased to see there might be a name change; "Firebreathing was always a mouthful to type when searching for items. smile_happy.gif

Thinking stylistically and aesthetically, I really like the sound of "Flame" - it matches up really well with the pet images and since we're going with a rename; instead of just chopping of the "breathing" part lets change it completely. smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 261
Avatars: 90/219

    31st of Jan '19 @ 2:01 AM Voted for Fire

Simple and fitting.

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Posts: 8
Avatars: 16/219

    31st of Jan '19 @ 2:03 AM Voted for Flame

I personally really like how flame sounds.

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Posts: 1295
Avatars: 176/219

    31st of Jan '19 @ 2:22 AM Voted for Flaming

Voting for Flaming, because while I do like Flame, when reading a whole item/species name, it sounds kind of weird?

I also like Flaming much more than Fire.... maybe because Fire is just too simple? smile_tongue.gif

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Posts: 328
Avatars: 48/219

    31st of Jan '19 @ 4:23 AM Voted for Fire

I think fire suits it the most and it’s simple enough! smile_heart.gif

"Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!"

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    31st of Jan '19 @ 4:24 AM Voted for Fire

I love the contrast of Fire & Ice.

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Graphic Artist

Posts: 176
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Item Artist

Posts: 423
Avatars: 157/219

    31st of Jan '19 @ 4:56 AM Voted for Flame

I personally like Flame the best! I do like the suggestion that everyone has about having the two other matching elemental colors, but I think it can still work with this name as well!

armin | they / them

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Posts: 26
Avatars: 33/219

    31st of Jan '19 @ 2:13 PM Voted for Firey

Firey has a nice ring to it. My second choice would be Flame, though.

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