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    5th of Jan '19 @ 7:32 PM

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Confetti 2

The turning of the year brings both an ending and a beginning, and our 2019 New Year's festivities are all about celebrating these cycles of rebirth. What better way to honour new beginnings than to breathe life into an image for the annual colouring contest?

2019 Colouring Contest Image
To see the full sized image, right click it and click View Image!

From ashes to ashes, as they say -- this Ori is rising from its ashes to greet the new year. The image can be coloured digitally or printed out and coloured traditionally, whichever you prefer. Anyone is free to enter this Colouring Contest, so don't be shy.

Confetti 1


1) All work submitted must be your own. You cannot ask another User, a friend, or a family member to colour the image for you.
2) The contest is held anonymously. Showing your artwork to other Users during the contest will disqualify you from the contest.
3) Your image must be uploaded and sent to Quil by January 12th, 23:59:59 (IcePets time). It does not matter where or how you upload it. Your submission will count as long as it is sent to Quil within the time frame.
4) The contest is limited to one entry per User.
5) All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.

On January 13th everyone will get to vote for their favourite entries! You only get one vote and voting will be completely anonymous.

Confetti 2

Snowdrift Lugra Pinata 2019Skeletal Ori Pinata 2019Pirate Audril Pinata 2019
60s Novyn Pinata 2019Angelic Trido Pinata 2019

All entrants will receive a set of the five Pinata Items from this year. The winners, additionally, will receive the following prizes:

Baby Snow JarEnigmatic ICE BoxPinata Zabeu Pinata 2013Golden Competitor Stamp

1st Place
- 400,000 IcePoints
- Baby Snow Jar
- An openable Pinata Item of your choice
- Curious ICE Box
- Enigmatic ICE Box
- Gold Competitor Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp

2nd Place
- 200,000 IcePoints
- Baby Snow Jar
- An openable Pinata Item of your choice
- Enigmatic ICE Box
- Silver Competitor Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp

3rd Place
- 100,000 IcePoints
- Baby Snow Jar
- An openable Pinata Item of your Choice
- Bronze Competitor Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp

Gold Competitor TrophySilver Competitor TrophyBronze Competitor Trophy

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    5th of Jan '19 @ 10:13 PM

Good luck to everyone entering! smile_heart.gif

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    6th of Jan '19 @ 12:09 AM

How fun!
Good luck to everyone entering! smile_grin.gif

Please ping me to get my attention on the Forums

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    6th of Jan '19 @ 12:23 AM

So excited for this contest! Good luck everyone entering! smile_heart.gif Looking forward to some amazing coloring!

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    6th of Jan '19 @ 5:45 AM

That Ori lineart is absolutely beautiful!! smile_heart.gif
Good luck to anyone entering the contest!
May I ask who drew the lineart?

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Head Moderator

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    6th of Jan '19 @ 8:30 AM

@StardustSea I know I poked this in discord for you too but hope you don't mind another response here so others can see - Quil did this awesome work smile_happy.gif


Looking forward to seeing the entries!

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    6th of Jan '19 @ 9:04 AM

Yep, it's no problem!
It really is terrific!

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    6th of Jan '19 @ 1:38 PM

Beautifuuuuul smile_happy.gif gives me motivation to do some colouring thankyou

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