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    25th of Dec '18 @ 12:53 AM

Christmas Banner 1

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Tree

The day has come to unwrap all the presents waiting under your Holiday Tree! There's no hurry, though, as you can open them at any time during the next year.

Christmas Banner 2

Side Room

Next up, some big news -- our holiday surprise to you this year is a complete revamp of the Big Red Button feature! We wanted to design something that all Users could enjoy, while still providing a special bonus for our Gold Account members. Along with brand new artwork, we've given it a bit more story, made some of the most common Items available to everybody, and added a new set of exclusive Items for Gold Accounts!

The new Side Room can be found off a back room from Lahja's Gift Centre. They've been accumulating a stockpile of abandoned gifts that never found homes, so they are welcoming everyone who visits to take an Item with them once a day. There are currently two areas -- the Unclaimed Pile, where you'll recognise many familiar Items, and the additional Forgotten Room for Gold users, offering some old Items and some new!

Vintage Lugra FigurineVintage Gold CanePhonograph

Thank you to everyone who's helped bring IcePets alive this season with the sense of community and generosity. We wouldn't be what we are without you, the community! Whatever your traditions, we wish you health and happiness, and look forward to even more fun and adventure with you all in the future!

Christmas Banner 1

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Posts: 496
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    25th of Dec '18 @ 12:57 AM

Haha I was just trying to figure out why I couldn't get to the Big Red Button earlier and this explains why smile_tongue.gif

My first visit to the new area gave me the Gold Profile Skin and Cuddly Capsule 8 smile_happy.gif

I love that Lugra Figurine and can't wait to hopefully get one for myself smile_happy.gif

Merry Christmas everybody!

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    25th of Dec '18 @ 1:01 AM

Love the update for the Big Red Button. Looking forward to something a little different for rewards from that!

Enjoy your festivities, everyone!

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Posts: 97
Avatars: 45/219

    25th of Dec '18 @ 1:49 AM

ooh the figurine is new?!?
I thought it looked pretty! smile_heart.gif


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Posts: 2164
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    25th of Dec '18 @ 2:21 AM

Totally cool and great upgrade for all users.

Love it, simple little thing makes it most of the time the best.

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    25th of Dec '18 @ 2:30 AM

So much LOVE under the holiday tree, and I absolutely love the revamp. smile_heart.gif

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Graphic Artist

Posts: 184
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    25th of Dec '18 @ 2:32 AM

I really like the revamp of the BRB. I got myself a cuddly Capsule 12 from the Unclaimed Pile and Composure and Candor from the Forgotten Room. Thank you!

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Posts: 1331
Avatars: 178/219

    25th of Dec '18 @ 7:09 AM

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who left a gift under my tree (you know who you are smile_heart.gif), and if you didn't receive something from me, you'll do very soon xoxo

Second of all, that BRB revamp is amazing, I love the new back room area!

Please ping me to get my attention on the Forums

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Posts: 50
Avatars: 18/219

    25th of Dec '18 @ 7:53 AM

As others have said, this is a well designed revamp of the BRB, well done!

Merry Christmas :-)

PM me if you wanna know things.

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Posts: 3176
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    25th of Dec '18 @ 10:58 AM

Merry Christmas everyone! smile_star.gif

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Staff Manager

Posts: 4664
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    25th of Dec '18 @ 1:57 PM

Thank you all for the kind gifts under my tree! They were all very much appreciated!! I will make sure to give away the extras smile_heart.gif

I love this time of the year here on site. Thank you all!

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