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    30th of Nov '18 @ 6:55 PM

What's that noise? Is it the sound of a distant barking, or just your watch? It could be either, based on the requests we bring to you today!

Scottie Plushie

First off is the adorable Scottie Plushie, requested by @LinkArctic! This wee little thing is now available in Plushie Mania and will be requested by the Plushie Quest.

Which one is best? Avatar

Next up, we have the Which one is best? Avatar, funded by @gotchalocket. Good luck figuring out how to obtain this one!

Dark Apple Watch
Dark Apple Watch XLRose Gold Dark Apple WatchSpace Grey Dark Apple WatchDark Apple Watch Mini

And last up, we have a new set of watches, brought to you by @Cowpro. Look for the Dark Apple Watch and its variations, the Dark Apple Watch XL, Rose Gold Dark Apple Watch, Space Grey Dark Apple Watch, and Dark Apple Watch Mini in the Grooming Parlour. Be sure to pick these up while supplies last!*

* Supplies not actually limited.

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Posts: 4897
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    30th of Nov '18 @ 7:16 PM

Omg!! I am starstruck by that plushie. Way to go @LinkArctic for funding!! smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif

And it is really hard to tell the difference between them watches...very nice!

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    30th of Nov '18 @ 10:01 PM

oooo, i adore the plushie! thank you @LinkArctic

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Posts: 2286
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    1st of Dec '18 @ 2:22 AM

I've missed this news. Thank you all for funding those items.

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Posts: 1295
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    1st of Dec '18 @ 3:00 AM

The plushie is adorable, and the watches look so good!
And a new avatar to collect, yay!! smile_heart.gif

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Head Moderator

Posts: 891
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    1st of Dec '18 @ 9:12 AM

@gotchalocket That avatar looks gorgeous! Looking forward to getting to unlock it one day!

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Posts: 3172
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    1st of Dec '18 @ 10:16 AM

I love all these new items! The plush is super cute and the watches are a really creative idea. I’m excited to figure out the solution behind that hidden avatar as well. Thanks for funding guys!

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Posts: 189
Avatars: 44/219

    1st of Dec '18 @ 3:26 PM

Yay December!!! smile_heart.gif My favorite time of every year~

Also so happy to my pupper plushie smile_laugh.gif

Can't wait to see how to get the new avatar as well, and the watches are really neat ^^

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Like lightning and the rainbow
Like darkness and the day show
Yeah the best is yet to come
So never ever ever ever ever give up
~Never Give up by For King and Country

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    1st of Dec '18 @ 8:43 PM

and I want the mini watch :3

and I can't wait for you guys to figure out the avie too!


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Posts: 2227
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    6th of Dec '18 @ 4:17 PM

Thanks for the new avy @gotchalocket smile_heart.gif

Avatars : 191/219
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