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    27th of Jun '18 @ 7:41 AM

The results are in!
Everyone's done a fantastic job with this year's Team Contest, and we had so much fun -- we hope you did, too! Let's have a look at the final rankings.

Taking 4th place is...

Team Blue Audril Banner

Team Blue Audril with 30,766 Items Restocked!

Bringing up 3rd place is...

Team Green Trido Banner

Team Green Trido with 30,852 Items Restocked!

In 2nd place we have...

Team Yellow Sharshel Banner

Team Yellow Sharshel with 50,527 Items Restocked!

Confetti Banner

And our grand winners, in 1st place is...

Team Red Dovu Banner

Team Red Dovu with 53,147 Items Restocked! CONGRATULATIONS!

Confetti Banner

There was a total of 142,545,844 IcePoints spent on 165,292 Items, wow!
Thank you to everyone who participated. The site has been full of lively activity and team spirit, and we hope you had a great time. I don't know about you, but I'm already excited for the next Team Contest!

Bracket Betting StampWinner's Gold Medal

We've made some slight additions to the prizes and they will be detailed in tomorrow's announcement, so keep an eye out.

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 7:48 AM

Congrats to all! That’s a lot of items restocked in such a short period of time! Woo!

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 7:49 AM

Woo-hoo! Wonderful job you guys!
Congrats Team Red, gotta say the coordination was pretty great!
Great job to the other teams as well, this was a super fun event. :">

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 8:00 AM

Wow, great job everyone! Just look at the total amount of points we gathered!

A big congratulations to the Team Red Dovu, who emerged victorious in this contest. You guys gave it your all and the points you gathered reflect that!

Great job to the Team Yellow Sharshel as well! Second place is nothing to be upset about. You guys did absolutely incredible as well and should be proud!

As for my team, Team Green Trido, you guys did amazing! It was a back-and-forth battle with Team Blue Audril for third place, but we managed to pull through in the end and look how it turned out!

Team Blue Audril, you guys did awesome! You kept us on our toes throughout the entire contest. It was a difficult battle for third place and I thought that you guys would take it in the end. Also, your team’s spirit and encouragement of one another on the forums was amazing to see!

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 8:06 AM

Wow look at all of the teams, everyone did such a fantastic job! :o

To everyone in my team, Team Blue Audril thank you for doing your best! And to everyone in Team Green Trido, you took the 3rd placement from us in the last moment, incredible!

Big congratulations to us all, especially for the top two teams who were always on the first two placements, Team Red Dovu & Team Yellow Sharshel!

Can't wait for prizes to be finally out! I don't want to wait until tomorrow! smile_laugh.gif

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 8:16 AM

Great job everyone! The number of items restocked is incrediblesmile_grin.gif

Congrats to Team Red Dovu!

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 8:52 AM

This was one highly battled contest for each of the places smile_yes.gif Well done, and very well earned everyone. The competition was fierce this year!

As for the amount restocked ~ Staggering!!! smile_shock.gif I'm sure the NPCs are ready for a rest too smile_laugh.gif

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Head Moderator

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 10:35 AM

Whew, this was one intense contest especially near the end there. Everyone did so well! Loved the coordinated efforts smile_happy.gif

All I can say now is "phew!" Glad it's over, I need to recuperate now haha.

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 2:07 PM

Congrats to all the teams smile_happy.gif

I'm glad this is over too. This was a hard event for somebody who has only been a member barely a month! I'm happy to go back to saving for what I need to now smile_happy.gif

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 2:18 PM

Wow, look at those icepoints we all spend. Good job everyone!

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 4:26 PM


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    27th of Jun '18 @ 5:17 PM

Good job everyone! smile_grin.gifsmile_heart.gif

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    27th of Jun '18 @ 7:15 PM

Good job on your hard work everyone!!! smile_heart.gif


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    28th of Jun '18 @ 11:50 AM

Congrats people smile_heart.gif

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    28th of Jun '18 @ 10:45 PM

awesome news!

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