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Staff Manager

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    11th of Jun '18 @ 4:19 PM

Is the Team Contest taking over all your attention? Well, how about a little reprieve. Give yourself a break to cool off with these revamped Snowman Quest Items!

Dabu Snow StatueSnow Ice CubeSnow Artifact

Check out the fresh new look for the Item previously known as Snow Statue, now named Dabu Snow Statue, as well as the familiar Snow Ice Cube, and Snow Artifact. These aren't the only refreshed Items we have for you today, though!

Black Balloon StampHealth Stamp

Recognise these Stamps? Allow me to introduce the new-and-improved Black Balloon Stamp and Health Stamp. They are still restocking at the Post Office.

Shield of Meteora

You're probably familiar with the elusive Shield of Meteora, which the Weapons Trido likes to request for the Weapons Quest -- but what's this, now? He's heated up his forge and worked through days and nights to emblazon more emblems on his shields. Now you can march into battle with a display of pride for the Terrafrost location of your choice.

Shield of GlaciaShield of Snowslide MountainsShield of Misty IsleShield of Halipar Jungles

These eight new shields will be supplied by the Weapons Store, and also be requested in the Weapons Quest. You're looking at the proud symbols of the Shields of Glacia, Snowslide Mountains, Misty Isle, Halipar Jungles, Khalic Desert, Talytil Lake, Knollo Woods, and Draga Volcanoes.

Shield of Khalic DesertShield of Talytil LakeShield of Knollo WoodsDraga Volcanoes

If you are having trouble seeing the new artwork, try pressing Ctrl + F5.

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Item Artist

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    11th of Jun '18 @ 4:21 PM

I'm loving the new shields, as well as the Shield of Meteora revamp! The Shield of Knollo Woods and Draga Volcanoes are probably my favorite ones smile_heart.gif

armin | they / them

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    11th of Jun '18 @ 4:26 PM

The revamps and new shields look amazing! I love the new Snow Statue smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 1996
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    11th of Jun '18 @ 4:33 PM

I love how the redraws are bringing the items more into alignment with the new look of IcePets smile_happy.gif

Those shields though!!! Wwooooowwww!!! So shiny and pretty!!! smile_shock.gif

Easing towards Spring

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Posts: 3167
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    11th of Jun '18 @ 5:06 PM

Wow, the revamps look great and the shields are incredibly cool too!

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    11th of Jun '18 @ 5:53 PM

I’m in absolute LOVE with these shields... beyond perfect!
Ahhh... I can’t believe how beautiful they all turned out to be!


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Posts: 2743
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    11th of Jun '18 @ 6:34 PM

Ah! Love them! Our artist are so talented.

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Graphic Artist

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    11th of Jun '18 @ 7:02 PM

How amazing are these smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 5967
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    11th of Jun '18 @ 7:11 PM

Excuse my language, but those shields are SEXY!! smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif

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Posts: 1295
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    11th of Jun '18 @ 9:05 PM

They are AMAZING!!!

It's some amazing art!

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    11th of Jun '18 @ 9:23 PM

Those shields are absolutely amazing!

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Posts: 1222
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    12th of Jun '18 @ 2:42 AM

Thanks for the vevamps and new shields! smile_heart.gif

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